Jun 182012

„Grossi Männer, mit grosse Händ, bruche (zwingend) grossi Huppe!“ (Wahlsches-Gesetz, Hvar, Cro. 2007)

Hi dear friends, hello david, i want to start with this old law, from a very good friend. He is very wise man from deepest BL.

And sorry for being lately, but at the moment, i am pretty busy.

So what can i say, we won our „last“ game, away in stei. It was a good first half, we fight for each other and let the ball circulate in our own area. F.C. Stei tried to destroy our game, with very hard, somethimes unfair tackels. Nanananaany thats not cool. The refree tried to smile all these fouls away.

Anyway, who scored? Exactly: the huch (2x), the hook and the moneyboy. The second half wasnt very exciting, we tried to play like in a first half, and scored the fourth one, but as usully we got some gools agains us. How? well we didnt pay attention. and yes in the first half, prinz got one yellow card, because he came to late. Hehe, nevermind we are still on the top. See white bluse.

So what can we expect in the future? New players? More presence in our trainings? Two goolkeepers? New leaders? More engagement? Is michi d. aka moby the new president of F.C.A.?? Did boris or did he not, bought sf1? Is alen going to steal our carradios, while we are on the pitch? Well, to be honest, idon t know…..

At last; to simi g. and floh: thank you for good times, you were great. its such a petty, that you have decided to stop to play for lietsch. I gonna miss you, but Pommes not really, because he is a greenhorn.

God bless



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