Mrz 272012

Hello dear lischcity fans, we won 2-0 against F.C.L.K.

Score: Jan „the animal“ Müller + Marco “Huuutsch” Studer.

There is nothing more to say.

Next match is on thursday – 29.03.2012, at 20h i supose, against FC Diegten-Egypten in Arisdorfarena. Thank you cedi, thank you so much.

More important than everything else. At the same time as we played away, our preesi telephoned, ones again, to Mr. Sir A.F. and tried to offer our best defender, MR. T.M., to Man. United. The transfer nearly came to finish, but then, our preesi send unforcently a mms with a picture of MR. T.M. and his body. Suddendly Mr. Sir A.F. get scared and a little bit angry.

His words:

Sir A.F.: „hey dude, what the ***k are you traying to tranfer? I mean, i have a big garden….i am pet frindly guy…. is this an old small mammal with spiky hairs on its back and sides???!! Hello mr. Woll?“

Mr. Woll: „oohhhooo, fuck, what can  i say, he is getting older……

Sir A.F.: i am gonna send you 4paws on your neck…..animalslave you.  who gives such an animal for free, he gives also a life away….i am gonna fight for its life……. etc.

Facit: preesi is charged by 4paws. His relationship to Mr. Sir A.F. is strssfully at the moment. Mr. T.M. lives now in England, exactly in the backyard of backinghampalast. He eats each day a lot of eucallipticly leafs. The poor one.

Facit II: last night vögge nearly died, but he woked up just in time.



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