Feb 182012

Dear frind Arthur,

finally you are leaving our country. 99% of all swiss people are happy with that decision. Because nobody likes you, like i do. really nobody likes you. I am gonna miss you, your unconfortable, unsocial character, your demand for money and recongnition, I`m gonna miss it. I wish you all the best with your girlfriend, and hope all your dreams come true. You deserve best service in this world.

But, me as your best friend, I feel committed to give you few tips.

  1. Don’t let them to prune your cock. Because it is very painfull and you have a very small one.
  2. After doiing your toillet, please wash your behind. And then wash your hands. Bouth of them. Nobody likes shit on the hands.
  3. Don’t be loud. Emirates don’t like loud people.
  4. Don’t show your tatoo on your back.
  5. Don’t forget where are you from. From lietsch city. And stopp trying to be an englishman in dubai. The only british I know is steve.
  6. Don’t forget. We love you.
  7. Write a card, or a letter. Sometimes.
  8. Don`t shave your breasts.

So I think, its time to say goodby my british friend. I hope you gonna have good time.

There are two things left, that I want to ask you:

  1. may I borrow your b.m.w? I have to transport some “chinbääses”……..
  2. If you want to do something great for switzterland, please take r.b. and m.b. with you, let them naked and without food and water in a desert, in a hope they gonna be fu** by dromedary, wouldnt you….

So long, your friend

Rolf rütz aka onemilliondollarson

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