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Washington, precise Pentagon – USA, 03 a.m. in the morniing. Evrybody seems to sleep, nearly everybody. But one department is still awake, and follows every step of godfather of football aka Mr. S. aka the wall aka preesi aka mr. Eisenfaust aka Saaiimy from lietschcity, town which never sleeps. They follows him with a big satelit (google-prees) and they have tapping all his telephones. Whithout sucsess.

A text – massage arrived on mr. S.s phone. Everyone in department thinks, oh no – not a onother nasty message from a another naasty girl. But suddendly it was clear, it wasnt private stuff, it was stuff, which could change the world. It goes like „ hello my strong friend, hello. I like to meet with you. Lets meet in a publik park, nearly trainstation, please come alone and quickly. Warm regards J. Gillard.

Hää, hui wer schriibt mir jetzt do wiedr? Welli julia? Hey wutte kennsch du e julia gillard? Wutte?

But wutte couldnt hear him, because he ate a lot of italian food and drunk a lot of grapàà, so he fall in a deeeeep sleep. Mr S. tried to call his old friend Mr. T. aka mr. France 98 (aka i got all players except okoucha and the album) aka gesa aka flamongo. But he couldnt reach him, because mr. T. swiched off his phone and was eroticly oiliing  the belly of his girlfriend. So Mr. S. has to meet this girl on his own, in the publik park, very early in the morniig. And that was shittiing him extramly.

At 04 a.m. he arrived alone at a meeting point. He was unarmed, he just had a tin of a sniff tabacco, his 2 big fists and his genius brain, the most dangerous wappon in the world. Mr. S. sat down on a table and wait. Suddendly he heard a famale voice behind his back: „Hello mr. Preesident, finally we meet each other, my name is Julia G.-point, and i am Prime Minister of Australia! “ „Hett öschtrrich e presidentin?“ was preesi`s first thought. She continued: „ I think you got someone, who belongs back to us, to Australia, his name is Theöö, and he plays fooking great football.“

At the same moment, for mr. S. it was clear, she was not from austria.


To be continued……

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