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22.09.2011 Somwher in Kanada, 04 a.m.

Ring, riiing,…riiing…….riiiing

S.W.: Hallo?! Wer isch dra…

Sir A.F.: hello? Hello…..

S.W.: Ehm hallo, hallo? Sorry was?

Sir A.F.: Hello, do i speak to Mr. Simon Wohl, president of L.C.F.C.?

S.W.: Yess, please….

Sir A.F. Sorry for distributing you, but i have to speak to you, very quickly…..

S.W.: Momänt…..

S.W. verloht si Kajuttebett, ohne Muetter und Brueder zwecke, und setzt das telephonische, schlecht verbunde Gespöch, in dr Kuchi….. Duse, vor dr hütte schneits, und drei chleini Grizzlibäre si grad am spiele. Simon lacht. Und winkt den bäre zue, mit der li. Hand, denn in dr rechten hebt er immer noh sis händy.

S.W.: soo, mr. Sir A.F. whats up? Why do you weak me up so urrly in the morniing, are you out of your tits?

Sir A.F.: mr S.W. i am so sorry, man. But something incredible happend in the last two weeks. My scoutteam saw mr.T.M. playing football, first in birsfelden, then in arisdööörf agains F.C.G. what a amaising player, what a funtastic charisma…..he played how do you call it in geman „mistakefree“

S.W.: fehlerfrei..? cha mirs niid vorstelle…

Sir A.F.: yes mr. S.W. this „gay“ coud be very interesting for my team. I saw few i phone videos of him yesterday, and it seems to me, that he is brilliant fantastic player. He plays football, like J.H. guitar, he is very fast, clever, intuitiv player, who makes wonderful decisions, which helps his team.

S.W. dit not understood everything that Sir A.F. said to him, not because he thought about big boobs ofS., not even ofhis english Knowledge, he was just tiered and very hungry. So he said:

Mr. Sir A.F. what does it mean now to me, to us? To our lietschcity famillie? Do i understand rightly, you would like to buy mr T.M. from us, and bring him in Profi leaque? Into Premier Leaque?


Sir A.F. ; yes, indeed. I want mr. T.M. to enjoy my team. I will Pay 70mio. Paunds, and give you rio and nemanja. What do you think?

Suddenly the other call rang. S.W. lokked at the phone, it was Rudy tee, the son of H.P. Rudy.

S.W. peeked up the phone, and answered: „hoi rolf, wie heschs? Du glaubsch niid wer ich an dr anderer leitig ha….. „Rudy tee interrupt, he was as usully, totally drunk and he said: „momääänt schnell, wer isch dra überhaupt, hehe ich mein….wo bini? birsköpfli…“ For S.W. it was clear, it was waste of time, rudy tee was in his own world, he has to return to sir A.F.s call…..


S.W.: Mr. Sir A.F. are you sure you wonna do this? I mean we have better players than Mr. T.M…..

Sir A.F.: dont waste my time…

S.W.: do you know our best striker Marc….

Sir A.F.: stop dont wonna hear.!!!!!…

S.W. ……or our hope, called fabia….

Sir A.F. ah common dont be stupid, i am a head coutch of Manu, and i am telling you i want sir T.M. to sign for my club. So please, dont try to sell me this garbage-players…

S.W.starts to laught very loudly, he knew that sir A.F. was right. T.M. is a raw diamant, a modern defender, a goodfather of defensiv act!!!!!

Sir A.F.: so my dear S.W. do you or do you not accept my offer? (tranquil in the backyard: please say yes, please say yes….)

S.W. answerd slowly and very frendly: I m gonna think about it, and give you a call back, yes i will. It will be the difficult decision ever, that lietschcity have to do. so by by, sir A.F. and have a nice day.

Sir A.F.: thank you.

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    Nice piece of work, Ringo!!!

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