Okt 052009

Batos Matchbericht

03. 10. 2009 was a beatiful day. i woke up early in the morning, took a long walk along the river, bought some nice jeans, and i knew already; its gonna be  a great evening for lietsch-city f.c.

at first i would like to apologise to f.c. D-E, especally to nr.7: sorry for calling you a horre. that was at the same moment, when ri

cco-rocco-bertchold became the hero. it happend in 77. min. the refree decided to give e penalty against lietsch. jan-pistol on fire- ott pushed from behind egypters striker, nr 18, he stumbled and fall. the refree whisperd, lietsch was very upset, D. and E. were very happy…. but not for long, then rocco saved, he swang his hip (like shakira) to the left, and jumped like a puma to the right! peng!
F.C. D-E was shocked. 7min. later, lietsch finished his kurzpass combination, and scored throught middelfield puncher joel fonsegrive per flatshoot to 2:0. jabadabbaduu!

In the beginning, it was difficult to play against F.C. D. E. Our mentor, C. Pezally aka Pizzaface, told us that they will operate with long, high bolls. And they will try to find (king of rap) “den jäger” but they never did, because lietsch was always ready to get tha boll, before egypte did. We tried to pass it quickly and simple to the next player. and “the hunter” wasnt in the startformation.
In the 33. min lietsch striked for the first time, through Jonas- footballgod -Gass. it was a very, very nice gool. I like it very much. it was “e lüpfer” over the egypter keeper. then i got a little bit injured, c. pezzali took me out for 10 min. i had to prove him, that i can walk without limping. fucking hell.

city won the game! now we have 16 points. in the same night johannes and me drunk 16 pints, we met few people, slept in thilos and sybilles flat and ate there a very good pigtail. rocco rocks. at the same time, simon-the wall-wahl skored 12 goals for HC vikings and won against bern, the capitalcity of switzerland. congratulation preesi, you care about football!

so long suckers….

rocco – floh – boris – vögge – koller – jan (jui) – otze – prinz – bürgin (tobi) – bato (grunz) – jöni (joggi)

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